To the editor — “In God we trust” is not the motto our country was founded upon. Neither is “One nation under God.” Please, let’s get this straight, OK? Our Founding Fathers adopted “E pluribus unum” (out of many, one) as our motto. Also, I cannot imagine why anyone would think that the world is going to hell because we as a nation have stopped serving the Lord. I am pretty sure God is fully capable of handling things in heaven without our help or service, thank you very much.

Just so no one is mistaken, the job given to us by God is to serve our fellow men. Duh. That’s probably why “E pluribus unum” is a better motto than “One nation under God.”

I find it disturbingly hilarious that whenever our nation acts to help or serve our fellow men, they are slapped with the label of socialist instead of Christian. Me? I’m drinking the Red Kool-Aid.