To the editor — In 1936, men seeking alcohol as a relief from the problems of the Depression were growing in numbers. A few men met at a local church and were inspired by their belief to start up a place to feed, shelter and give spiritual help to those men. That was the start of what has become the Yakima Union Gospel Mission.

In 1995, the Mission started a small clinic to help those staying at the Mission. That has rapidly expanded to handle anyone seeking help. Phase I was to build a dental clinic, which is now finished. Phase II is to build a medical clinic because of the huge demand from the under-insured and the non-insured. In 2013 we had 10,000 patients and in 2014 we expect 12,000, reflecting an urgent need. Fortunately, we have 200 medical volunteers,

The Mission has never used government funding and our services are free. Our revenue comes from individuals, churches, organizations and grant monies. The Mission has been blessed since its beginning by volunteers and financial support.

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