To the editor — The Feb. 27 article addressing funds for Washington’s educational system both mystifies and astonishes. Some $60 million is proposed to fund books, technology and supplies. Aren’t books and paper and other supplies basic? Why is the Legislature not now paying 100 percent of these costs? This proposal is a glaring example of our legislators not paying for basic education.

Some $700 million is proposed for building classrooms for kindergarten classrooms and additional classrooms to reduce the number of students in kindergarten through third grade. If the Legislature is not paying for sufficient classrooms now, who should have been? You know who!

Our legislators should be paying for the total cost of our K-12 basic education program utilizing the tax base of the entire state of Washington. They need to pay for every classroom, janitorial services, the transportation of students, cafeteria program, office personnel, the enormous cost of administrators, and of course the people who are implementing the curriculum, the teachers.

The headline used the phrase, “teacher raises.” The proposal actually is for a cost of living adjustment, which is not a raise.