To the editor — Recently, the national debt limit was raised again so the government could pay its bills like Social Security benefits, Medicare, federal workers, etc. Then Congress borrows from Social Security and Medicare for something they don’t want to pay for out of the national debt fund.

In 2008, a member of Congress sent me a letter saying any revenues currently credited to the Social Security trust fund in excess of the benefits and administrative cots that are paid out are used to help pay off the national debt.

When I was young and needed money to buy something, I borrowed it, then before I paid off that loan, I would borrow more money for something else. Wasn’t long before I realized at this rate I would never be out of debt. Guess the government didn’t learn that lesson.

They raise the Medicare premium, start charging a deductible, change the cost of living rules so senior citizens get smaller raises, etc., etc. Is this to save Social Security or so Congress has more money to borrow? The government needs to wake up.