To the editor — I say it’s too late for Arizona. Gov. Brewer just vetoed a bill that would have made it legal to deny services to gays on “religious freedom” grounds. In 2010, Arizona’s anti-immigration law made it illegal to be brown and drive. In 1986, Arizona’s legislature voted down observing the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The Arizona governor at the time proclaimed the holiday anyway, but the next governor promised he would overturn that (and did).

These actions caused boycotts and cancellations, including the Super Bowl in 1993. Arizona lost millions then and more loomed today, including losing another Super Bowl. State legislators have professed innocence, saying that they never thought the anti-gay bill was discriminatory. They can’t articulate why they voted for the bill in the first place. Arizona businesses are worried.

I don’t buy it. I think Arizona legislators and voters are purposefully hateful, bigoted, ignorant people. Arizona deserves to shrivel up and dry, running out of water trying to keep its lawns green. And we should look to see what hypocrites we have close at hand ourselves, now backtracking when they suddenly realize their heartfelt hate and bigotry might affect the profits of the business interests they so love.