WHITE SWAN — Leandra Jenelle Yahtin has been looking forward to her 12th birthday, and not just for the possibility of a Hello Kitty-themed party.

She turns 12 today, on the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year of the millennium. She’s excited, of course.

“Because my mom says it’s a golden birthday and it only happens every 100 years,” said the Harrah Elementary School sixth-grader.

Celebration plans are up in the air. Leandra may have to share a party with a cousin and an aunt, who also both have December birthdays, said her grandmother, Cynthia Paul.

Leandra lives with Paul during the week and her mother, Brenda Woodward of Toppenish, on weekends because Paul is closer to school.

The family is not superstitious and the auspicious date of Leandra’s birthday is coincidence, Paul said.

— Ross Courtney