To the editor — Passing Initiative 522 will give choice to consumers at the market and will protect our farmers and orchardists. Seven out of 10 countries that buy Washington apples require GMO labeling. Sixty-four countries that buy our crops do not allow GMO crops, and imports must be labeled. There will be no hardship to producers. They label and re-label products constantly. I-522 is written to conform to the labeling laws. It will simply add a few words to already labeled foods.

The pros and cons of GMO foods is not the question; no foods will be banned. Only the labels will be changed. Only five large companies are fighting against I-522. Support for I-522 comes from many farmers and orchardists and health care professionals, etc. They want consumers to have a choice about what they feed their families.

Please read the information available and make a wise choice. Yes on I-522 is my vote.