RPI, which is short for Ratings Percentage Index, has reached the NWAACC level of basketball.

A formula used by the NCAA for selection and seeding of its 68-team tournament, RPI consists of a specific team’s winning percentage, its opponents’ winning percentage, and the winning percentages of the opponents’ opponents. It also accounts for playing at home or away, with a home win counting as 0.6 wins, a home loss equaling 1.4 losses and a road loss counting as 0.6 losses.

The NWAACC released its first RPI ratings this week, and Yakima Valley ranked among the top seven for both men and women.

YVCC’s men, ranked eighth in the most recent NWAACC poll, had the third-highest RPI at .574, trailing only Peninsula (.669) and Edmonds (.647).

The Yaks women were seventh at .556, behind Lane (.616), Walla Walla (.595), Clackamas (590), Big Bend (.568), Spokane (.561) and Whatcom (.557).

Of course, all formulas have flaws.

For example, the NWAACC’s RPI does not take into account the competition of each region, and over the past three seasons the East has easily been the toughest in the women’s ranks.

In 2010, Walla Walla won the NWAACC title with Yakima Valley second. In 2011, YVCC was first with Walla Walla second and Columbia Basin third.

And last season, CBC won its third championship under coach Cheryl Holden (Walla Walla has two with two second-place finishes under Bobbi Hazeltine) with Yakima Valley second and Walla Walla third.