What to get Dad for Father’s Day? It’s a hard question for many, including me.

In my case it’s tricky, because he doesn’t wear a tie to work or play any sports. He doesn’t drink coffee or collect anything. He reads, so you’d think that would make it easier. But it doesn’t, because he has very specific tastes.

I hope your father is easier to shop for. In case he isn’t, here are a few suggestions from your friendly local bookseller:

If your father is a book lover, how about a Moleskine rechargeable book light? I love that they recharge using any standard USB port. Mine holds a charge for a surprisingly long time. It’s flexible, so it folds neatly over your book. They come in many colors, including black, green and blue.

Perhaps he already has a book light. What about a book weight? They are easy to use and enable hands-free reading. Ours come in navy blue, green and red. I love using mine to hold my book open while I eat my lunch.

Book plates are another nifty, booksy gift. They stick on to the page of your book to provide a place to write your name. It helps those sneaky books come home after being loaned out. We have a plethora of styles to suit everyone.

For the outdoorsy dad, we have a large selection of hiking, climbing, and various flora and fauna guide books.

My personal favorite is “Best Desert Hikes Washington,” by Alan L. Bauer and Dan A. Nelson. It has a great variety of hikes east of the Cascades. I’ve learned much from this book. Even though I’ve spent most of my life here in Yakima, it’s fascinating to learn about the desert we live in. You could even enclose an invitation to go hiking inside the book. What a great way to spend time together.

Dave Engledown’s “Confessions of the World’s Best Father” is a humorous log of a new father’s journey. It looks like he’s put his precious girl, Alice Bee, in many dangerous situations. His entries elaborate on the funny photos on the opposite page.

The first entry seems too idyllic to be true. After a long gap between entries, 66 days later to be exact, we find out that it is. When he finds there is no creamer for coffee, he desperately tries the baby bottles in the fridge. He is totally unaware that it is breast milk, not formula, and thinks it’s a new miracle cream.

Jump forward to Day 701; it’s already time to cook the Thanksgiving turkey. He lets Alice Bee take over deep-frying the bird. Sadly, he ignores her pleas to thaw the turkey. As so many fried turkeys do, it starts a grease fire. Don’t worry. though; she’s had proper training on the use of a fire extinguisher and saves the day.

This would be especially fun to give to a new dad or from a daughter to her dad. Maybe I’ll get this one for my dad. Oops, I spoiled the surprise!

• “Best Desert Hikes Washington” by Alan L. Bauer and Dan A. Nelson was published in October 2004 by Mountaineers Books. It retails for $17.95.

• “Confessions of the World’s Best Father” by Dave Engledow was published on May 6 by Gotham Books. It retails for $18.

• Moleskine rechargeable book light retails for $19.95; Bookbone book weight retails for $8.99; book plates available in assorted styles.

•Amy Stoothoff works at Inklings Bookshop. She and other Inklings staffers review books in this space each week.