— If you’ve driven past Valley Mall Boulevard and Longfibre Road, you can see that construction of the new Lowe’s location is coming along.

Wednesday, the hardware store chain announced it will open the Yakima store in the first quarter of next year.

According to the announcement, it will transfer operations from the Union Gap store to the new location. All current employees will have the opportunity to take the same position at the new store.

A store of this size represents an average investment in the community of approximately $12.5 million and provides up to 125 jobs, Lowe’s said in the news release.

The new store will include 94,000 square feet of retail sales space, with an adjacent garden center, much larger than its current location at 2500 Rudkin Road.

Lowe’s has been looking for a new store site in the Yakima area for years. Its current store in Union Gap was a former Eagle Hardware store that Lowe’s acquired when it bought the company more than a decade ago.