YAKIMA, Wash. — Trail conditions have improved significantly, according to the Naches Ranger District, so here are some reports just in time for holiday weekend outings.

In the Bumping area:

The first two miles of the American Ridge 958 trail out of the Bumping drainage aren’t bad, but you should expect more blowdown after cresting the first rise. (Trail conditions have been updated through June 26.)

The Bumping Lake 971 trail is in good shape for the five miles to the first bridge crossing beyond the marina. (June 17)

The Twin Sisters trail is snow-free to the final quarter-mile before the first (little) lake. But just don’t forget you still can’t drive to the Copper City site and beyond because of the continuing closure on the 1808 road at the rock pit, so you’re going to have good four miles of road hiking to get to the actual trailhead. (July 1)

Off State Route 410 beyond Bumping:

The Crow Lake Way 953 trail is snow-free to Sheepherder Lake, with minimal downed trees, making it fine for stock.

Pleasant Valley Loop 999 trail is snow-free on this trail south of 410, but there are enough large logs over the trail that it would be problematic for stock. (June 27)

The first six miles of the Union Creek 956 trail is in good shape but for a few smallish trees and a water crossing, but after the 987 turn to Blue Bell it’s a snowy, muddy mess. (June 29)

On the Rimrock/U.S. Highway 12 side:

Thanks to the Wenas Valley Backcountry Horsemen, the Ironstone Mountain 1141 trail out of Cash Prairie is clear — and, obviously, passable for stock — and the views are spectacular. (June 27).

The McAllister 1109 trail still has a lot of windfall across the trail and isn’t recommended for stock. (June 29)

The Pacific Crest Trail out of White Pass is clear to Deer Lake, with some large snow patches to Sand Lake and then snow-covered beyond that. Looks like another week or two before horse riders will be able to go in as far as Dumbell Lake. (June 28)