Holly Williams is Hank Williams’ granddaughter, and you have to imagine that he’d be a fan.

With apologies to Hank Jr., who fathered both Holly and Hank III, it appears the real talent in the family skipped a generation. Whereas Jr. has his charms — lord knows, his stuff can sound pretty good around 2 or 3 in the morning, when you’re wondering whether you should have one last Coors — his progeny already have shown more depth than he ever did.

Holly Williams, who plays the Gilbert Cave on Wednesday, just released her third album, “The Highway.” Its first song, “Drinkin’,” deals with a hardbitten relationship with lines such as “Why are you drinkin’ like the night is young?” setting the tone for an album that delves into subject material her grandfather would understand. Just look at the song titles: “Railroads,” “The Highway,” “A Good Man,” “’Til it Runs Dry.” That’s Williams stuff right there, whatever generation you’re talking about.

Williams’ voice is wounded but strong, and the listener is led to believe her spirit is likewise.

She’s at the Gilbert Cave, 2620 Draper Road, for a 7 p.m. Wednesday show. Doors open at 6 p.m. Tickets cost $25. For more information, visit www.gilbertcellars.com, www.hollywilliams.com or call 509-249-9049.

— Pat Muir