EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to the compassion of countless people in the Yakima Valley, we’ve been able to help the less fortunate through Season of Sharing, now in its 12th year. Working through the Yakima County RSVP, local nonprofits have provided information on individuals and families who could use your help. Each day through Christmas, the Yakima Herald-Republic will publish information in print and online about some of those in need.

This family was facing eviction because Dad couldn’t find a job. After several months of looking, he finally found one, but will have to be away from his family for a considerable length of time.

His wife is a full-time student trying to get ahead for herself and her family. She also finds this very difficult because one of their sons is autistic and does not like to be left with anyone. Their 6-year-old daughter likes to help Mom in the kitchen and loves to pretend to cook and serve tea. Their 5-year-old son likes cars and wears size 5 clothes. Their 4-year-old son, who is autistic, loves cars and wears 4T clothes. Their 24-month-old son is starting to explore toys and wears 24 months clothes. Mom likes perfumes and sweaters. And dad just asks that his family is well taken care of and he would love to find a job closer to home.

To help this famil,y please contact Mary at Yakima Neighborhood Health, 509-837-8200, ext 3642.