YAKIMA, Wash. — Local drivers crossing the passes today should plan for snow.

A winter storm warning is in effect for the Cascades, including Snoqualmie and White passes, until 4 p.m. A cold front passing through the area could bring 5 to 10 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service.

“Getting 10 inches at Snoqualmie is a good possibility,” said Mary Wister, forecaster for the National Weather Service in Pendleton, Ore.

Forecasters expect Snoqualmie Pass and nearby areas to reach a high of 35 to 40 degrees today, while White Pass is expected to be colder with a high around 30 degrees.

The same cold front created strong winds in the Yakima Valley. A wind advisory was in effect for the area until 4 a.m. today. The area could also see some rain and some flurries but no major accumulation is expected, Wister said.

Sunday is expected to be drier and less windy for the region. The Yakima area will be much warmer, with a high of 45 to 50 degrees Sunday.

But by Sunday night, the National Weather Service expects a cold front to bring more snow to the Cascades and strong winds to the Yakima Valley.

Up to a half-foot of snow is expected to fall in the Cascades and winds could reach upward of 15 to 20 mph in the Yakima area.