SUNNYSIDE — The media shout-outs for Sunnyside’s Lighted Farm Implement Parade continue.

This year, a film crew will tape footage of today’s Christmas tradition for the Travel Channel to be used in a broadcast next year.

After all, not every parade has lighted tractors and combines.

“It’s really not something you usually see in a parade,” said Alek Compton, an associate producer working for two Los Angeles production companies.

Over the years, the annual parade was mentioned on CBS’s Charles Kuralt show, the A&E Channel, National Public Radio and People magazine. This year, it will be one of 25 quirky celebrations in the nation in “Cross Country Christmas,” a road-trip themed broadcast that will air near Christmas 2013, Compton said.

And yes, if you come today, you may end up on TV. The camera crew of four or five also plans to interview some of the longtime participants and film the set up, Compton said.

The production team found stories and YouTube videos of the parade online and used the references to pitch “Cross Country Christmas” to Travel Channel executives, he said. The 24th annual downtown parade begins at 6:30 p.m. on Edison Avenue.