To the editor — Recently a friend from Texas visited and was intrigued by Yakima’s antique trolley.

We purchased tickets and settled into the bright yellow trolley’s original wicker seats at the trolley barn. Open windows provided natural air conditioning. We admired the beautiful woodwork and discovered the antique car was imported from Portugal. Our volunteer “Motor Man” drove us through the streets of Yakima to Selah, stopping at the Naches River Bridge to give us a history lesson. We learned that a century ago many people used the trolley system because cars were relatively rare. Until 1985, fruit from West Valley was brought to town by trolley. The gentle swaying of the car, clickity clack of the wheels on the century old rails and blast of the horn at each intersection took us back to another era. If you are looking for an uncommon experience, visit the Yakima Trolley and take a ride into history.

I strongly urge the Yakima City Council to repair the overhead electric line damaged by vandals several years ago, and consider extending the lines. This historical treasure should be preserved. Visitors appreciate and support uniqueness.

I commend and thank the volunteers who brought the 100th anniversary of the Yakima Trolleys to our attention.