Rep. David Taylor, R-Moxee, was named to the Joint Administrative Rules Review Committee Thursday, a bicameral legislative body that studies agency rules to ensure they follow their statutory intent.

In a news release, Taylor, a fervent advocate for smaller government, said he was enthused by the opportunity to review agency rules — new and old.

“One of the main reasons I ran for the Legislature in the first place was because of my experiences in dealing with state agencies that often times didn’t communicate with each other or didn’t fully understand the impact their rules were having on the common citizen,” Taylor said.

The committee, first created in 1982, consists of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats from both houses, with four regular members and four alternates. House members of the committee are chosen by the speaker, which is followed by a vote of approval by the members of that lawmaker’s caucus.

The committee has the authority to determine whether a rule complies with legislative intent and can ask an agency to amend or withdraw such rules. If the agency takes no action, the committee has the authority to suspend the rule and give the governor 30 days to decide whether to approve or revoke the suspension.

The committee generally meets during the interim between legislative sessions.