DEAR BRUCE: Should money in retirement accounts be divided between stocks and bonds or limited to stocks for best returns? — E.R.

DEAR E.R. : If you are looking for a large return, you want to stay with stocks, which have a much better chance of increasing in value. However, I would not suggest that you limit yourself only to stocks.

Depending upon your age and your goals, your investments should be a mixture of, for example, 60 percent stock, 40 percent bonds, but that is a determination that requires a lot of information about you and your goals. A balanced account, in most cases, is the way to go.

DEAR BRUCE: My partner and I signed a contract to purchase a home. After receiving the deed restrictions, we decided this home was not for us, so we canceled the contract within the 15-day cancellation period.

The selling Realtor and the title company are telling the seller he does not have to sign the cancellation and return the $1,000 deposit to us because of the homeowners association disclosure. My Realtor and two attorneys he spoke with and the Board of Realtors tell us that the disclosure has nothing to do with canceling the contract.

Could you give us your opinion, and tell us if engaging an attorney to get the refund would be in our best interest? — J.E.

DEAR J.E.: Unless there is something you neglected to share with me, I see no reason why a homeowners association disclosure has any effect here. The 15-day cancellation period on the contract simply allows you to cancel the contract and it’s over.

Your Realtor says that the disclosure has nothing to do with canceling the contract, and I agree. I don’t see why in the world anyone would say you are not within your rights to exercise the 15-day cancellation.

It should not be necessary to hire an attorney, but if it is, make certain the attorney includes in his agreement to ask for the money that his or her fee be paid as well.

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