YAKIMA, Wash. -- Darrell Tidrick followed up his track record in qualifying with a victory in the main event of the Late Model Sportsman class on Saturday at Yakima Speedway.

Tidrick was followed by Randy Marshall Jr., Tim Breshears, Coy Rogers and Bart Hector.

Rich Peters won the Super Stocks main event, with Zach Washington second and Mike Denton third.

Also winning main events on Saturday were Christy Scribner (Youth Hornets), Derek Raprcheff (Hornets), Kellie Zacharias (Bump To Pass), and Josh Parmentier (Mini Stocks).

Racing resumes at Yakima Speedway on May 17 with Late Model Sportsman, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, Hornets, Youth Hornets and Bump To Pass.

Youth Hornets — Fast time: Christy Scribner. Dash: Christy Scribner, Shyanne Trujillo, Paige Coble. Main: Scribner, Trujillo, Coble. Best Appearing: Scribner.

Hornets — Fast time: Derek Raprcheff. B Dash: Tim Edris, Robert Patton, Andy Stewart. A Dash: Raptcheff, Cody Allen, Rodger Eaton. Main: Raptcheff, Edris, Eaton, Patton, Stewart, Allen. Best appearing: Edris.

Bump To Pass — Fast time: Joe Stevens. B Dash: Talia Denton, Josh Reiners, Billy Scribner. A Dash: Kellie Zacharias, Tacoda Rojas, Kenny Whitney, Stevens. Main: Zacharias, Stevens, Rojas, Scribner, Wayne Dobbs, Reiners, Whitney. Best appearing: Billy Scribner.

Mini Stocks — Fast time: Josh Parmentier (track record). B Dash: Owen Berglund, Ben Briggs, Michael Beck. A Dash: Raptcheff, Parmentier, TJ Benscoter. Main: Parmentier, Briggs, Berglund, Benscoter, Beck, Raptcheff. Best appearing: Benscoter.

Super Stocks — Fast time: Zach Washington. B Dash: Don Klang, Cody Denton, Mike Denton, Terry Osborn, John Fortenberry, Bobby Stewart Jr. A Dash: Marcus Maggard, Morgan Morrison, Washington, Rich Peters, Trever Flora. Main: Peters, Washington, M. Denton, Flora, MAggard, C. Denton, Klang, Fortenberry, Osborn, Stewart, Morrison. Best appearing: C. Denton.

Late Model Sportsman — Fast time: Darrell Tidrick (track record). B Dash: Kyler Conduff, Coy Rogers, Tim Breshears. A Dash: Randy Marshall Jr., Bart Hector, Tidrick. Main: Tidrick, Marshall, Breshears, Rogers, Hector, Conduff. Best appearing: Conduff.