To the editor — Concerning bicycles: Bike riders aren’t stupid or dunderheads simply because they ride a bike. And, as stated by defenders of bike riders, they should obey the rules of the road. Unfortunately, most riders don’t. I’ve seen the following: bike riders running stop signs, passing on the right to get in front of cars at a stop light, riding at night without a light, or even reflectors and light-colored clothing, alternating between the street and the sidewalk to get past cars and avoid stop lights, failing to use hand signals and then flipping off drivers who have to dodge them, and I have seen them speed far above the limit. Perhaps these are the riders referred to by to the earlier writer.

Yes, car drivers do some of these things as well. However, bike riders need to follow the rules more diligently because a bike and a human body are no match for a car, whomever is at fault.

As far as paying for the road, car drivers pay though gas taxes and license plate fees. Riding a bike doesn’t contribute funds. Perhaps licensing fees, along with rule testing for riders, is in order.