To the editor — “Education Nation” is a nationally broadcast conversation about education in America. NBC held this at the New York Public Library Oct. 6-8. Tom Clancy, the author who recently died, said, “The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense.” The reality is that NBC’s Education Nation did not invite an actual working teacher nor any leading educational expert.

NBC invited Goldie Hawn (what a laugh!), Mitch Daniels, the former Indiana governor who was a nightmare for public schools, and Bobby Jindal, Louisiana governor, also a nightmare for public education. No Glenda Ritz, the recently elected Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction, who was outspent 5 to 1 by her opponent, the incumbent superintendent; no Diane Ravitch, educational historian; no Karen Lewis, leader of Chicago teachers; no Linda Darling-Hammond, President Obama’s education adviser. Ninety-eight of those invited participate in the corporate takeover and destruction of public education.

This is a manufactured crisis. Our schools are not broken. Test scores have never been higher for white students, black students, Hispanic students and Asian students. Graduation rates are not falling. Instead of celebrating the progress of our public schools, we have a movement dedicated to tearing them down.