Mother Nature has decided to rain on the parade recently launched by the Yakima Valley Visitors and Convention Bureau.

As the Valley enjoyed summer-like weather for several days last week and into this week, the Bureau started airing its promotion, “Lost and Found Spring,” on Seattle radio stations.

In an effort to attract rain-weary residents to the fair side of the state, the sassy ad features a Seattle resident who calls a hotline to “find spring.” The telephone operator laughs and explains that this occurs often and that spring can be found in the Yakima Valley.

While visitors might be dismayed by wet weather forecast for the rest of this week, the sunshine is sure to return. Indeed, the ad is part of a comprehensive effort to promote Spring Barrel Wine Tasting and Cinco de Mayo.

According to a news release from the bureau, the ad will air 540 times from March through mid-May.

Already the ad has caught the attention of William P. Barrett, a writer and Seattle transplant. On his New to Seattle blog, he provides a transcript of the ad and a geographical explanation for Seattle’s rainy days and Yakima’s sunny ones.

“The pitch is hardly new to Seattle, but I think the Yakimanians, or Yakimaites or whatever residents there call themselves, have a lot of material to work with,” Barrett wrote.

Along with the ad, the bureau is participating in several online promotions, including a Seattle Metropolitan Magazine email campaign to its 21,000 subscribers, a getaway drawing on and exposure on