Lola Lynn Rishor, 73, died at home November 16, 2012. Lola was born November 7, 1939 to Eldon and Mildred Peterson in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. As a small child their family moved to Toppenish, where she attended McKinley School. She made many lifelong friends and memories there. She graduated from Toppenish High School in the Class of 1957. She graduated from University of Washington in 1961. She married Chuck Rishor on Christmas Day, 1961. They were blessed with two children, Brent and Beth; and two grandchildren, Colton and Cayley.

The Rishor family was an active family. Lola taught Business at the college level while the kids were little. The family lived in the Seattle area and Eugene, Oregon, while Chuck continued in school. In 1973, the family moved to Frankfurt, Germany and lived there for five years. They travelled every weekend and vacation. Lola had been to 21 countries in Europe and Africa. She narrated many of the experiences onto audio tapes, which she sent home with descriptive, weekly accounts to the family at home in the States. She was articulate and intelligent, creative and fun-loving.

In the summers, we would fly home to somewhere on the East Coast, then make trips across the country to our destination in Seattle. We took a different route each time, and Lola had been to 47 states, missing only Ohio, Michigan, and Alaska.

Lola, or Lolly, as many called her, was a powerful influence in many people’s lives. She was a skilled pianist. She made records as a child, singing harmony with her sister, Darla Jean. Our family gatherings always involved singing. She sang with us even as her voice got soft. She loved to dance when she was younger. She helped all of us with writing papers, including my Dad. She proofread many papers for all of us. Her influence nurtured our success.

She read to us daily while we were small, recording the date in the material each time she read it to us. She did the same with recipe books. She loved to keep track of stuff, and had calendars that recorded events every day since she was married. When Brent was injured in 1983, she no longer taught school, but stayed home and took care of him. She read the newspaper to him daily. She did a wonderful job of doing the MOST IMPORTANT JOB in the World: Being a MOM. She was always active in, not only her kids’ classrooms, but also was well-known to most of her grandkids’ friends. Not a single night went by where she didn’t tuck us in and tell us “I love you.”

She was blessed to have nearly daily visits with her sister-in-law, Jerry Ann, who helped her get up and ready in the mornings. They had a strong, mutual bond that Jerry Ann also feels very grateful to have had. She is survived by her husband of nearly 51 years, Chuck; her daughter, Beth; her grandchildren, Colton and Cayley; her sister, Darla, and her children, Haley and Rett; her sisters-in-law, Dixie and Jerry Ann, and their children; Brent’s caregiver, Mary Anderson, son-in-law, Greg Olney, and many other beautiful friends. She is also survived by her dogs.

She loved sweets, dogs, rain, classical music, and a bargain. But most of all, she loved us.

Lola was afflicted with multiple sclerosis in 1971. This disease of attrition did not take her spirit. Even as her physical abilities began to wane, she never lost her sense of humor. Her smile lit up the room, and her light will continue to shine on in those fortunate enough to have known her. I can honestly say that I NEVER heard her complain... NEVER. God had gifted her with patience, a gentle, kind spirit, the ability to laugh at herself, compassion for all living things, and a trust of others. She also never lost the Faith.

If you want to honor my Mom: The next time you think of complaining about something petty, or holding a grudge, or treating someone poorly, think of my Mom and her smiling face, her warmth, her forgiveness, her positive attitude, her perseverance, and her sense of humor. She didn’t struggle with life events, she inspired. Her unconditional love and spirit will live on in us forever. We are so grateful to have had her in our lives. She made all of us better human beings.

We hope you are resting in peace Mom, and welcoming Brent into Heaven.

A Celebration of her Life will be January 4, 2014 at 1:00 PM at Selah Civic Center. Her cremains will be placed on the south side of the Columbarium at Terrace Heights Memorial Park, beside Brent’s.