YAKIMA, Wash. — Classes at Davis High School in Yakima are expected to resume Monday after concerns about an odor emitted from a construction site at the school kept students away Friday, a school official said.

On Thursday, a handful of construction workers doing demolition work as part of the high school’s remodeling project were sent to a Yakima hospital after being exposed to an odor that emitted from an old air conditioning condenser they were dismantling. They were treated and released.

The odor is believed to have come from residual gas in the condenser that vaporized when a cutting torch was used to demolish it in order to remove it from the school’s mechanical room, authorities said.

As a safety precaution, school district Superintendent Elaine Beraza closed the school Friday while specialists took samples from the site to be tested.

“We probably could have had classes (Friday), but it wouldn’t have been the most cautious route to take, and when it involves students, I always want to take the most cautious route,” she said.

She said the chemical that emitted from the condenser isn’t hazardous and that the workers were back on the job Friday.