Authorities say a 49-year-old hunter is good health despite spending two nights lost in the forest north of White Pass.

Lance Chipman of Cashmere found his way to the Soda Springs campground about 2 p.m. Monday, where another hunter drove him to authorities who were searching for him.

Chipman had last been seen about 10 a.m. Saturday when he left his camp in the Dumbbell Lake area on horseback to ride out for supplies left in a vehicle parked at the White Pass campground, according to a news release from the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Sgt. George Town said Chipman got a late start back to camp that afternoon. It soon became dark, making it difficult to navigate the trail and he headed east away from his camp, Town said.

Matters grew worse when Chipman’s horse ran off when he briefly dismounted Saturday night.

“There’s no word on the horse; that was the last anyone has seen of him,” Town said.

When Chipman failed to return to camp, his son and a partner began searching before notifying authorities Sunday evening, deputies said.

About a dozen Yakima County search and rescue personnel, including some who spent Sunday night searching in the rain and wind, looked for the lost hunter in the William O. Douglas Wilderness Area about four miles north of White Pass, Town said.

Chipman had enough food and water, but had to sleep on the ground in overnight conditions Saturday and Sunday that were cold and wet, Town said.

“It was pretty miserable,” Town said. “He was sleeping in the brush for two nights.”

However, he did not need medical treatment.