Unlike the federal government, which is disappointingly mum on national enrollment data (see Charlie Ornstein’s Tumblr post or watch the Kathleen Sebelius video from last Tuesday’s blog to learn more on that), Washington state has released its second week numbers for Healthplanfinder, and it looks like they’ve kept the momentum going.

As of last Monday, a week into enrollment (including Oct. 1, when the website was down almost all day), 916 people had enrolled in qualified health plans and another 8,000-ish had enrolled in Medicaid. About 10,500 had completed applications for qualified health plans, but hadn’t submitted their first payment so they didn’t count as completed enrollments. Qualified health plans are the plans people sign up for in the exchange, where they’re eligible for subsidies based on income.

Here are the state’s numbers as of Oct. 14:

• 270,851 total unique visitors to the site, up from 165,332 as of Oct. 7

• 66,776 total accounts created, up from 39,115

• 3,084 total enrolled in qualified health plans

• 13,370 total enrolled in Medicaid (newly eligible; coverage starts Jan. 1)

• 8,495 total enrolled in Medicaid (immediate coverage)

• 21,766 total applications completed for qualified health plans

Is anyone still experiencing glitches on the site, or does it run smoothly now?

Also, a note (and a request for feedback from you all): A coworker said he’d plugged his information into Healthplanfinder and it didn’t pop up the kind of savings he’d been expecting. From what I understand, I don’t think the plans available in the exchange are going to be all that helpful to people who already have insurance through an employer. Rather, it’s supposed to be a big cost-savings for people who otherwise would have to buy insurance on the individual market, which has been notoriously expensive.

Is that observation consistent with what you all have found? If you’re already insured, does it look like there’s a plan in there that might be more affordable, or is it pretty much the same as what you currently have? Let me know in the comments, or email me directly.