YAKIMA, Wash. — A Yakima doctor has been arrested on suspicion of second-degree rape after a patient accused him of raping her during a pelvic exam.

Bail for Dr. Fady Sabry has been set at $1 million. He has worked in Yakima for many years and is currently at Central Washington Internal Medicine, a clinic operated by Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center. He was arrested Friday and appeared in court for the first time Monday afternoon, but has not yet been formally charged.

According to police reports, Sabry assaulted the woman during a pelvic exam Aug. 30, administering what he later called a “pelvic massage,” which he admitted had no medical purpose. He said it was a technique he reserved for “close” patients with whom he had a “mutual trust,” according to court documents.

According to court documents, he did not wear gloves and said he does not bill for the procedure.

After the patient reported the incident to police, they initiated a one-party consent recording for her follow-up visit, and recorded her confronting the doctor about what had happened.

According to the police report, he made several “incriminating admissions” and confirmed the patient’s account and then told her she should forget the whole thing.

Upon his arrest, the doctor initially denied ever touching the patient inappropriately, but when police told him of their recording, he admitted to it and told police there was no medical reason for what he had done, according to the court records.

Police asked that he be charged with rape in the second degree, as the assault occurred during a formal medical examination.

Sabry’s lawyers have scheduled a meeting for later this week to try to reduce his bail. He will be arraigned Oct. 7, and is under a restraining order to not have any contact with the patient.

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