CLE ELUM — For anglers who have enjoyed the kokanee fishing at Cle Elum Lake, those days reeling in and harvesting 16 of the relatively small (typically 9- to 12-inch), landlocked sockeye from the lake are no more.

Effective Saturday, the daily limit at that Kittitas County reservoir will be five trout — including kokanee, which are often referred to as silver trout.

The reason? To reduce the harvest of juvenile sockeye that are part of a joint operation between the Yakama Nation and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to reintroduce anadromous sockeye (those that migrate to the sea and return) in the upper Cle Elum basin.

The size regulations — 7-inch minimum and 14-inch maximum for kokanee retention, 12-inch minimum for other trout species such as lake trout, eastern brook trout and brown trout — remain unchanged.