WAPATO, Wash. — A vehicle partially submerged in the Yakima River near Parker may have to stay there for a few weeks because of high water.

The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office said Friday the white Toyota 4-Runner was reported to be in the river on Tuesday just upstream from the Wapato diversion dams, part of the region’s irrigation system.

Authorities say the vehicle — which was reported as stolen to the Yakima Police Department — was probably driven or pushed into the river upstream from Century Landing before it floated to its current location.

Water rescue personnel will work with tow truck operators to remove the vehicle when conditions are safe, officials say. Rising water levels due to snow melt and the strong current in the area make recovering the vehicle too risky right now.

The sheriff’s office occasionally coordinates the removal of abandoned vehicles from local waterways, in part to reduce calls from witnesses who are unsure whether the vehicles are occupied.