Good, old-fashioned police work led to the capture Friday of fugitive Jacob Lucey, whose failure to return from a 24-hour furlough sparked a three-day manhunt when he was linked to a carjacking.

Lucey, 29, surrendered peacefully at 3 p.m. after Yakima police and agents with the Violent Crimes Task Force tracked him down to a home in the 1900 block of Roosevelt Avenue, three blocks north of Lincoln Avenue.

Capt. Rod Light, a Yakima Police Department spokesman, said hours of overtime paid off and that fears that Lucey might be armed and looking for a fight failed to materialize.

“You can run so long, but you can’t hide forever,” Light said, adding, “Once we had the home locked down, he realized his ability to run was over and that it was in his best interest to give it up. We weren’t there to play.”

Lucey, who sports a distinctive “666” tattoo on his neck, was paroled in January after serving 8½ years for a 2002 shooting. He had been on the lam since Nov. 1, when he failed to return from a 24-hour furlough from jail while awaiting sentencing on car theft charges.

A judge granted the furlough at the request of Lucey’s attorney, Tim Hall, who told the court his client’s mother was dying and was not expected to survive the length of what he anticipated would be her son’s upcoming prison term. A deputy prosecutor concurred.

Superior Court Judge Blaine Gibson’s decision to furlough Lucey infuriated police, who were not consulted about the request and did not learn of his release until Tuesday, when detectives linked him to an armed carjacking last weekend.

Since then, questions have arisen as to whether Lucey’s mother really is terminally ill. Court officials say the incident shows the need for a pre-trial unit that investigates prisoner requests for bail reductions and other changes.

During the manhunt, detectives checked out a list of possible hideouts linked to Lucey throughout Yakima and the Upper Valley, including homes on Terrett Way in Terrace Heights and Mapleway Road in Gleed.

It also led to at least one collateral arrest Thursday night when a motorist whose vehicle matched the general description of Lucey’s car — green with a busted-out back window — led police on a high-speed chase in the West Valley area.

The driver, who has a suspended license, was arrested and is now facing a felony charge of attempting to elude police.

Light, the Yakima police spokesman, estimated the cost of the manhunt may approach $10,000 in overtime.

Lucey, meanwhile, was expected to be booked for felony escape and possibly armed robbery. Police said Lucey is a suspect in a carjacking early Sunday outside a party near Fourth Avenue and I Street.

No other arrests were reported. Light said investigators are still working on whether anyone knowingly aided or abetted Lucey’s escape.

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