OLYMPIA, Wash. — Most Republicans in Olympia would say the final operating budget approved over the weekend was a victory for their party after taking control of the Senate gave them more leverage than they’ve had in a long time.

David Taylor is not one of those Republicans.

Taylor, R-Moxee, was the only Yakima-area lawmaker to vote against the 2013-2015 state operating budget approved over the weekend.

A staunch conservative on social and economic issues, Taylor said the bipartisan budget was a “Band-Aid” that doesn’t address the state’s current and future fiscal problems and funds programs he can’t morally support.

“While I can appreciate the hard work that has gone into drafting this compromise budget by my colleagues in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle, I cannot support a spending plan that compromises my priorities of less government, lower taxes and more freedom,” Taylor said in a news release.

Taylor took issue with language in the budget that increases revenue from the state’s estate and phone taxes despite the projected $2 billion increase in tax collections over the 2013-2015 biennium. He said the budget also relies on $500 million in fund transfers.

Taylor also opposes expanding Medicaid and allocating state funds to Planned Parenthood, an agency which, in addition to offering myriad of women’s health and educative services, provides abortions.

First appointed to the Legislature in 2009 and formally elected later that year, Taylor has never voted in favor of any of the operating budgets to pass the Legislature since then.

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