Steel Structures American Inc., $23,028, 1905 E. Viola Ave., residential garage.

Kraft Construction, $127,576, 822 S. 75th Ave., residential new.

Terry’s Home Improvement, $1,300, 5910 W. Lincoln Ave., residential alteration.

T-O Engineers Inc., $0, 2235 Longfibre Road, commercial new.

Sabre Industries, $20,000, 1120 N. 34th Ave., cellular tower.

Lynch Construction, $6,500, 5 N. 40th Ave., residential re-roof.

Lynch Construction, $9,500, 211 S. 80th Ave., residential re-roof.

Lee C. and Patricia J. Clark, $1,917, 817 Conestoga Blvd., residential deck.

Raul Leon and Martha V. Mata, $3,200, 1705 Willow St., residential re-roof.

Columbia Ridge Homes LLC, $259,037, 7308 Englewood Hill Place, residential new.

Jon Dolquist, $4,932, 409 N. 75th Ave., residential carport/patio cover.

Apple Tree Construction Co. LLC, $237,500, 8701 Cameo Place, residential new.

Leslie and Campbell Inc., $68,000, 807 E. Nob Hill Blvd., commercial re-roof.

Leslie and Campbell Inc., $81,000, 401 N. Front St., commercial re-roof.

McKinney Glass Inc., $3,551, 5205 W. Nob Hill Blvd., residential alteration.

Hohmann’s Construction, $5,898, 1104 S. Seventh Ave., residential re-roof.

Michael J. and Renee M. Holwegner, $1,200, 1010 S. 16th Ave., residential re-roof.

4 Star Construction, $5,500, 3802 Sunrise Park Drive, residential alteration.