OLYMPIA, Wash. — If you ever wondered what that smell was, the state has a blog for that.

Certain state agencies keep regular blogs — and sometimes irregular blogs — on all sorts of trivia.

One of the state’s most up-to-date blogs is kept by the Department of Ecology and few topics get updated more frequently than its “Fecal Matters” section alerting residents to where and why it might not be safe to go for a swim.

“Fecal Matters” updates are provided by the state Beach Environmental Assessment, Communication and Health Program. The updates generally apply to the Puget Sound region, but also offer tips for everyone on what to look for if you want to avoid bacteria in the water.

“Remember that warmer water + crowded swimming areas can = high bacteria in the water,” one post reminds readers.

Keep that in mind when you’re tubing down the Yakima River this summer.