Editor’s note: In December 2011, the Yakima Herald-Republic profiled then 28-year-old Brittany Caudle of Yakima in its annual Season of Sharing holiday feature.

Caudle, who had an 8-month old daughter at the time, was trying to turn her life around after a battle with addiction to illegal drugs. She went through both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

Her baby, Divinity, was born with congenital rickets, characterized by soft bones that can create deformities.

We caught up with Caudle recently and decided to revisit her story, which is one of small steps forward and some steps backward. She is living in clean-and-sober housing for women. In her own words, Caudle talks candidly about the ups and downs.

“I just relapsed March 31. I smoked some pot. I had two years clean and sober.

But my drug of choice is meth and I have refrained from using meth for the last two years.”

“I am trying to learn to deal with stress without turning to drugs and alcohol. I still have my temper. I have pain. I’m still trying to find housing. I’m still lacking parenting skills.”

“My daughter had to be taken by ambulance last week. She has to go to Tri-Cities to an endocrinologist. Her legs are starting to bow more. In August she needs to go to Seattle Children’s. I don’t know if she will need surgery. There are a lot of questions out there.”

“I had a childhood I would not wish on anybody.”

“My daughter teachers me how to calm myself, how to open my eyes and show me there is love out there. There is innocence. That I can be a good mom.”