Property Transfers

The following transactions were recorded in February.


Residential property at 701 S. 38th Ave., No. 20, sold by Tore Stevens, to Casey Huibregtse, $77,250.

Residential property at 15155 Cottonwood Canyon Road, sold by HUD, to Frank Straley, $104,000.

Residential property at 1918 S. Seventh Ave., sold by Federal National Mortgage Association, to Alejandro Meza, $62,000.

Residential property at 1030 Elton Road, sold by Larry Dean Hull, to Victor Acevedo, $89,500.

Vacant lot at 7111 Modesto Way, sold by Zareh Hartoonian, to Brandon Meara, $59,000.

Vacant lot at 11 N. 67th Ave., sold by DMF Investment LLC, to Bertie DiPietro, $57,500.

Vacant lot at 2004 S. 76th Ave., sold by Cottonwood Partners LLC, to Columbia Ridge Homes LLC, $104,000.

Vacant lot at 1307 Simpson Lane, sold by Jaime Munoz, to Alberto Algandar, $30,000.


Residential property at 700 Roza Drive, sold by Mathew Miles, to Steven VanHorne, $280,000.

Residential property at 501 Third Ave., sold by John Rosenoff, to Joshua Vantrease, $125,000.

Residential property at 608 N. Eighth St., sold by Eric Stucker, to Maria Abrera, $149,900.

Residential property at 1403 Second Ave., sold by Daniel Donaldson, to Ronnie Sherrill, $135,000.

Vacant lot at 8007 Vialago Parkway, sold by Pardini LLC, to CRE Properties LLC, $40,000.

17.36 acres of orchard property at 241 Highland Drive, sold by Barbara Wingerter, to Craig Lancaster, $225,000.

The following transactions were recorded in March.


42.62 acres of agricultural property at 2950 Waneta Road, sold by Gordon Jones, to Rodney Jones, $180,000.

19.21 acres of agricultural property at 1751 Old Prosser Road, sold by Calvin Simsen Trust, to Dana Simsen, $106,111.

Commercial property at 138 Division St., sold by David Thornock, to N. Todd Thornock, $215,000.


72.72 acres of agricultural property at Colwash/Winner Road, sold by Kyle Shinn, to Simpson Brothers LLP, $497,610.


Commercial property at 27160 Highway 12, sold by Carolann Freund, to Tyler Forman, $57,500.


Commercial property at 129 E. Fremont Ave., sold by Santiago Balbuena, to Leopoldo Zamora, $76,784.

1.77 acres of open property at Quail Ridge Road, sold by Eric Clark, to David Rountree, $65,000.


17.22 acres of agricultural property at Edison Road/Highway 12, sold by James Bagley, to Skyhawk Land LLC, $210,000.

71.09 acres of agricultural property at 8220 Emerald Road, sold by Kamstra Dairy Inc., to Hillside Dairy LLC, $600,000.

9.67 acres of agricultural property at Lester/Snipes roads, sold by Wilbert Horst Trust, to Veryln Burgers, $75,000.


Commercial property at 261 Hiland Road, sold by Highland United Methodist Church, to Norman Family Cookies LLC, $195,000.


Commercial property at S. Toppenish Avenue, sold by Ronald Barnsley, to Jose Barragan, $20,000.

Commercial property at 300 W. First Ave., sold by Hogback BC LLC, to Richard Safranski, $2,150,000.


161.63 acres of agricultural property at Branch/Barkes roads, sold by Ken Wilcox, to El Rancho Bella Vista LLC, $1,089,900.

37.81 acres of agricultural property at 1523 Wapato Road, sold by James Sigler, to Manuel Chavallo, $225,000.

39.25 acres of agricultural property at 6941 McDonald Road, sold by Darrel Thorp, to KR PEndleton LLC, $270,000.

Commercial property at 1281 S. Camas Ave., sold by Evelin Nunez, to Dr. Brian Jones, $80,000.

Commercial property at 401 S. Wapato Ave., sold by First Polar LLC, to Luberto Rodriguez, $220,000.


26.26 acres of agricultural property at 61 Rock Garden Lane, sold by David Dillon, to Raymond Rodeen, $250,000.

17.15 acres of agricultural property at Pioneer Way/Track Road, sold by Jacob Feusner, to Cloud Prairie Holdings LLC, $65,000.

Commercial property at N. Sixth Avenue, sold by Jeld-Wen Inc., to Yakima Venture Capital LLC, $585,000.

Commercial property at 1102 Swan Ave., sold by MTLJML LLC, to Justin ViPond, $450,000.

Commercial property at 2107 River Road, sold by Service Alternatives Inc., to Lake Aspen Enterprises LLC, $160,000.

Commercial property at 920 N. 20th Ave., sold by Kathy Chissus, to Joseph Haralson, $90,000.

Commercial property at 719 W. Nob Hill Blvd., sold by Donald Thomas Estate, to Daniel Islas, $230,000.

Commercial property at 1120 Tieton Drive, sold by Donald Manning, to Joe Mann, $105,000.

Commercial property at 501 E. R St., sold by Billy Sauve, to Dolsen Investment Properties LLC, $348,000.

Commercial property at N. 11th Street, sold by John Sourbeer, to Parker Outdoor Inc., $65,000.

Commercial property at 2117 Terrace Heights Drive, sold by Michael Harris, to Kars Land LLC, $275,000.

Commercial property at 2402 S. First St., sold by BB Yakima LLC, to Epstein Union Gap LLC, $3,315,620.

Multi-family residence at 1201 Garfield Ave., sold by Theodore Gizewski, to James Patten, $85,000.

Multi-family residence at 1406 S. 48th Ave., sold by Leonard Family Trust, to Karla Pezzarossi, $280,000.

Multi-family residence at 1703 Cedar Hills Court, sold by Adrian Harris, to David Murray, $191,750.

Multi-family residence at 100 Elton Road, sold by Larry Hull, to David Gomez, $76,000.

Multi-family residence at 1515 Rock Ave., sold by Deutsche Bank, to Swan Ave LLC, $135,000.

42.42 acres of open property at Cowiche Mountain/Cowiche Mill Road, sold by Thomas Borthwick, to Randall Munden, $24,975.

1 acre of open property at Mountain Shadows Place/Summitview Road, sold by Gerald Runge, to Valerie Woerner Fmaily, $103,000.

1.08 acres of open property at 7310 Scenic Drive, sold by Richard Smith, to Mark McWhorter, $175,000.

16.02 acres of open property at St. Hilaire/Mieras roads, sold by Dolores Gentry, to William Dalley, $110,000.