The following transactions were recorded in February.


Residential property at 17460 Summitview Road, sold by Margie Langley, to Sarah Ehmer, $180,000.


Residential property at 2151 Wilson Highway, sold by Thelma Pirie, to Baker Boyer Bank, $150,000.

Residential property at 700 N. Third St., sold by C Duane Gerking, to Martin Garcia, $110,000.

Residential property at 204 Jackson Drive, sold by Jordan Espinoza, to Heather Cant, $147,000.

Residential property at 619 Arteaga Circle, sold by Catholic Charities Housing Services, to Alfredo Hernandez, $149,999.

Residential property at 508 Broadview Drive, sold by GMAC Mortgage LLC, to HUD, $150,147.


Residential property at 214 Mentzer Ave., sold by Macario Solis Jr., to Ysaias Antunez, $95,000.


Residential property at 706 Citra Ae., sold by AHO Consruction, to Dana Gailan, $197,500.

Residential property at 909 Magnum Ave., sold by AHO Construction, to Mark Flores, $232,270.


Residential property at 2050 Nile Road, sold by Lyle Brulotte, to Kerry Brady, $367,000.

Residential property at 9680 US Highway 12, sold by David Silvestri, to Donald Wolfe Jr., $130,000.

Vacant lot at Highway 410/SE of Lamberton Drive, sold by Robert Meyer, to Luise Warden, $37,500.


Residential property at 700 Outlook Road, sold by Wells Fargo Bank, to Benito Olivares, $102,000.

Residential property at 81 Spike Road, sold by Fernando Medrano, to Yonatan Marin, $136,000.


Residential property at 308 Lacey Ave., sold by Gladys Kenney, to Stephen Sieberts, $187,500.

Residential property at 171 Quail Ridge Road, sold by Paul Niedringhaus, to Franconia Real Estate Services Inc., $530,500.

Residential property at 171 Quail Ridge Road, sold by Franconia Real Estate Services Inc., to David Roundtree, $475,000.

Residential property at 181 McDowell Lane, sold by Clay Brown, to Jason Wilson, $212,000.

Residential property at 1301 Goodlander Road, sold by Columbia Ridge Homes LLC, to Alan Litwak, $294,900.

Residential property at 775 Dixie Drive, sold by Todd Russell, to Adriana Slobodova, $550,000.

Residential property at 705 Braeburn Court, sold by Cynthia Nystrom, to Jason Eaton, $210,000.

Residential property at 3630 N. Wenas Road, sold by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, to Mark Printz, $81,000.

Vacant lot at 1301 Goodlander Road, sold by NCW Development LLC, to Alan Litwak, $55,000.


Residential property at 541 Maple Grove Road, sold by John Friend, to Shop A Lot For Less LLC, $95,000.

Residential property at 5153 Sunnyside Mabton Road, sold by Samuel Clash, to Elvis Hernandez, $145,000.

Residential property at 1108 S. Ninth St., sold by Sylvia Alvarez, to Myra Tapia, $109,000.

Residential property at 623 Dayton Drive, sold by Leonel Galaviz, to Adam Copenhaver, $161,000.

Residential property at 737 Darrin Court, sold by Tommy Johnston, to David Lord, $128,500.

Residential property at 1227 Columbia Ave., sold by James Mortesen, to Arturo Vasquez, $115,000.

Residential property at 825 Louise Way, sold by Keith Johnson, to Patricia Soetaert, $159,000.

Residential property at 1628 Saul Road, sold by Nicholas Paulakis, to David Campos, $154,000.

Residential property at 1171 Ray Road, sold by Rogelio Perez, to Joey Waterman, $125,000.

Commercial property at 412 S. Eighth St., sold by H Verbeck Smith, to Dan Churchill, $30,000.

Commercial property at Alexander/N. McLean roads, sold by Ronald Curfman, to Smeenk Properties LLC $297,000.

1 acre of open property at Cody Lane/Alexander Road, sold by Patrick Henry, to Justo Noriega, $33,000.


Commercial property at McDonald Road/Highway 97, sold by Bever Family Trust, to S&E Investments LLC, $12,000.


40.63 acres of agricultural property at 2260 Yost Road, sold by Cynthia Avalos, to George Gamble, $224,750.

672.84 acres of open property at S. Fork Tieton/Darland Mountain Area, sold by Yakima COunty Tree Farms LLC, to The Confederated Tribes and Bands, $436,200.

3.07 acres of open property at yakima Vlaley Highway/Flint Road, sold by Kenneth Hunziker, to Arnoldo Korynta, $25,000.

40.37 acres of orchard property at 1000 N. Wildwood Road, sold by MWT LLC, to Dennis Slagel, $530,000.

18.99 acres of orchard property at W. Wapati/Lateral A roads, sold by Donald Schlenker, to Arora Orchards LLC, $200,000.

White Swan

Multi-family residence at 541 Sunray Road, sold by Baldemar Torres, to Ken Anderson, $56,200.


Commercial property at 2604 Fruitvale Boulevard, sold by William Grubin, to SDCR LLC, $199,900.

Commercial property at N. 35th Avenue/River Road, sold by Boyd Land LLC, to Eduardo Meirelles, #190,000.

Commercial property at 1520 W. Roosevelt Ave., sold by Realty Rehab LLC, to 1113 Cherry Ave. LLC, $216,000.

Commercial property at 415 N. Naches Ave., sold by Jim Bell, to Wilson Commercial Properties LLC, $280,000.

Commercial property at 301 S. Second St., sold by Roberto Avalos, to 201 N. 6th Street Yakima LLC, $344,250.

Commercial property at 701 S. Third St., sold by Arturo Baeza, to Abelardo Baeza, $64,650.

Commercial property at 64 W. Nob Hill Boulevard, sold by Stanjoy Zach LLC, to Aero Marine Corp., $700,000.

Multi-family residence at 1509 W. Logan Ave., sold by Kenneth Leach, to Wilson Real Estate VII LLC, $105,500.

Multi-family residence at 210 N. Seventh St., sold by Rodolfo Lopez, to Jose Chavez, $138,000.

4.75 acres of open property at Hackett/Ahtanum roads, sold by Janice Schuchman, to Gilbert ORchards Inc., $74,000.

1.57 acres of open property at Fisk Road/Douglas, sold by Felipe Posada, to Stephen Smith, $40,000.

1.78 acres of open property at 408 S. 88th Ave., sold by Mark Takisaki, to Gaylord Newby, $70,000.

9.96 acres of open property at Roza Hill Drive, sold by Bruce Busch, to Jeffery Larson, $12,900.

9.96 acres of open property at Bohosky Drive, sold by David Harris, to James Sevigny, $5,000.

10.04 acres of open property at Bohosky Drive, sold by David Harris, to Dale Copeland, $5,000.

10.16 acres of open property at Bohosky Drive, sold by Dave Harris, to Joe Bobousky, $5,000.