Commercial property at 302 E. S St., sold by Joy Ministries Pentecostal, to Hilario Mercado, $60,000.

Commercial property at 607 E. R St., sold by Chinook Business Park LLC, to Dolsen Investment Properties LLC, $849,420.

Commercial property at 2301 Industry Lane, sold by American West Bank, to Thomas Little, $268,746.

Commercial property at Highway I-82/S. 18th St., sold by Theodore Pollock, to Marshall & Katherine, $30,000.

Property Transfers

The following transactions were recorded in September 2012.


Multifamily residence at 1217 Willow St., sold by Sunnyside Holding Co., to Ronnie Vickers, $70,000.

Multifamily residence at 1302 Garfield Ave., sold by Federal National Mortgage Assoc, to NW Investment Holdings LLC, $137,000.

Multifamily residence at 622 S. 19th Ave., sold by Lynne Evans, to Auren O’Connell, $144,000.

Multifamily residence at 315 N. Seventh St., sold by Rosemary Bocek, to Brandon Wagner, $100,000.

Multifamily residence at 1619 S. First St., sold by Timothy Monfort, to Loreto Flores, $139,000.

12.16 acres of open property at Ahtanum North Fork Road, sold by Bradley Cuyle, to Steve Riel, $33,000.

1.09 acres of open property at 11904 Barrett Raod, sold by David Ross, to Frank Tamez, $90,000.

1.84 acres of open property at 5809 Ahtanum Road, sold by Bernard Novobielski Trust, to Charles Ralph, $27,