June 2013

Cecilia M. Harrison and Michael Harrison.

Darlene M. Gomez and Roy Gomez.

Sonja Lee Wilson and Philip D. Wilson.

Vanessa C. Huizar and Brian Perez Jr.

Eugene Alvin Thompson and Patricia Mae Thompson.

Salvador Rodriguez Banderas and Maria de Jesus Banderas.

Dustin Grant Loy and Allaura Loy.

Jill Marie Paige and Harland Chet Paige.

Jason Dean Watten and Tara Leigh Schneider.

Staci Jo Magletti and Kristopher J. Magletti.

Ernestina Chavez and Jose Jesus Chavez.

Ricardo Diaz Morales and Rosa Diaz.

Dana Michael Brost and Linda Darlene Brost.

Thomas James Bauerle and Danielle M. Bauerle.

Linda J. Hammond and Vance J. Satterlee.

Jung No Norton and Ward A. Norton.

Virginia Garza and Marc J. Garza.

Heidi McClaskey and Todd McClaskey.

Eric Roger Nelson and Tammy Sue Schossler-Nelson.

Lisa Marie Clark and Andrew Watson Clark.

Russell Lee McEwen and Verna Layne McEwen.

Sylvia Elaine Cecil and Juan Manuel Esqueda.

Rachael Faris and Tyler Faris.

Kimberly Siekawitch and Casey Siekawitch.

Julie M. Higashiyama and Darren M. Higashiyama.

Rick L. Sigette and Linda J. Sigette.

Josefina Oseguera and Salvador Osegura.

May 2013

Denny C. Foster and Michele Delynn Foster.

Miranda Lynn Hernandez and Anthony Jessie Hernandez Jr.

Vandie Sixkiller and Stanley Sixkiller.

Dana C. Schultz and Craig Schultz.

Judith Rachael Robins and Randal C. Robins.

Ma Esther Garcia Flores and Alejandro Montiel Flores.

Stephanie Johanna Katz and David Larry Gaines.

Daniel L. Wilcox and Lisa D. Wilcox.

Tracy Lynn (Mayer, Gomez) Poirier and Rick Lee (Pioer) Poirier.

Jeanette B. Simpson and John E. Simpson.

Larry Stadler and Penny Stadler.

Yessenia Chavez and David Rodriguez.

Kelly Ann Sykes and Jeffery Dan Sykes.

Jorge Servin and Nadia Lugo.

James A. Baer and Joann Baer.

Maria Sanchez and Hector R. Sanchez Mendoza.

Carmen G. Gonzalez-Camargo and David A. Angulo-Zereceda.

Jennifer Ramirez and Jimmy Ramirez.

Pamela Joyce McGinnis and Eugene Russell McGinnis.

Michelle Denise Delp and Eric Loyd Delp.

Marcy L. Dole-Barner and Kurt J. Barner.

Wendy Cupples-Seals and Michael Lee Seals.

Ruben Castilleja Jr., and Monique Castilleja.

Charles Lee Neal and Leslee Ann Neal.

Maria T. Martinez and Pedro R. Martinez.

Paul N. Harrah and Stephanie A. Ready-Harrah.

Paula E. Sisco-Givens and Roy L. Givens.

Marcela Flores and Emilio Chavez.

Ashlee Andrews and David Andrews.

Jennifer J. Castilleja and Jose A. Arredondo.

Salvador Hernandez and Patricia Hernandez.

Bennett K. Osborne and Dara C. Osborne.

Maria Isabel Ballard and Daniel Ray Ballard.

April 2013

Adelina Sanchez and Francisco Sanchez.

Karen Dell and Gerald Dell.

Sarah Tadlock and Darrell Tadlock.

Jose G. Rodriguez and Rosa Maria Rodriguez.

Rosa Leticia Arriaga and Adrian Muniz.

Darlene Webb and Jasper Webb.

Robert T. Wilson Jr., and Brenda Selvidge.

Mary V. Palmer and Ronald Howard Palmer.

Kelly Ann Sykes and Jeffery Dan Sykes.

Jaskaran Singh and Harpreet Kaur.

Randall Ray Broeckel and Theresa Anne Broeckel.

Dolores Ann Silva and Alberto Barragan Silva.

Brandy R. Craven and Nathan M. Craven.

Cheryl K. Rexroat and Colin L. Rexroat.

Mata Olivia Cortes and Indalecio Cortes.

Shawna Marie Jewell and Todd Donovan Jewell.

Donald S. Burks and Brandi Burks.

Francisca Rodriguez and Juan Antonio Rodriguez.

Allen True Epperson and June Annette Epperson.

Kimberly D. Hamilton and Edward D. Hamilton.

Tina Marie Welch and Joseph William Welch.

Jamiconikoshia Segura and Rachel Elizabeth Segura.

Timothy Doten and Nicole Doten.

Maria Sanchez and Hector Sanchez Mendoza.

Cleo Electra Carter and Benjamin Shawn Carter.

Jeri Escobar and Edel Escobar.

Crystal Gray-West and Kevin L. Harper.

Lynn Kermit Ausland and Cheryl Joeen Ausland.

Angelita G. Espana and Ferman R. Espana.

Morris Alford Dawson and Berlina Elena Dawson.

Patricia Morgan and Troy Payne.

Deanna Lynne Huff and Edward Huff.