YAKIMA, Wash. — Sometimes when I read the planning updates from the city of Yakima I have to be careful not to blink or I might miss something.

On page 4 of this PDF from the planning department’s planning agenda is mention of an application from United Builders of Washington for its property at 2112 W. Nob Hill Blvd.

“Administrative adjustment to reduce the standard of 75 feet set forth in section YMC 15.06.065(D) to allow a driveway access within 64’6’’ of an un-signalized street intersection to accommodate redevelopment of the subject property into a 3,234 sq. ft multiple -use center with drive-thru window.”

But of course the more interesting piece in the application description is the prospect of a new retail development.

The property houses United Builders’ offices, but president Pat Strosahl said that with all the traffic that the area gets, it seemed the offices were not the best use of the property.

With that in mind, United Builders plans to relocate the offices to 415 W. Washington Ave. next to a shed United Builders is using in the area. Meanwhile, the new building, which can house two tenants, would be built on the Nob Hill property.

“Consolidating reduces our overhead and we have a chance to make money (on the Nob Hill property),” Strosahl said.

I know what you’re thinking —what exactly is going in there? Could Starbucks be looking at the site after a possibility didn’t work out downtown? Or is something completely new?

Strosahl, not surprisingly, is not giving any hints.

“I think we’re quite close, but we don’t have an announcement yet,” he said.

The administrative adjustment was approved earlier this month and is under appeal until Thursday. So far no appeals have been filed.

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