It’s Friday, which means its time to tell you what’s on tap in Monday’s Marketplace section:

• Molly Rosbach takes a look back at a 13-year-old program from the U.S. Department of Labor that provided compensation and medical benefits for former Hanford workers. One of the key offerings has been in-home nursing care.

• In my Reporter’s Notebook column, I talk about how Yakima residents have started to embrace a relatively new identity of downtown Yakima as boutique retail and entertainment center.

• Yakima’s three Rotary clubs have new presidents. Find out who they are in the In Basket column.

• Plus weekly economic indicators.

In the meanwhile, this weekend read is about a National Bureau of Economic Research paper that reveals something surprising: big box stores pay more in wages than their mom-and-pop counterparts.

Vox has a nice summary of that paper here.