Gina McCabe may have gained frontrunner status in the 14th District race after getting some key endorsements, but the Goldendale businesswoman isn’t taking anything for granted.

I spotted her — and father Ray Mosbrucker — at the Yakima Farmers Market Sunday morning.

McCabe said she would be knocking on doors after her stint at the farmers market.


Meanwhile, my colleague Ross Courtney has a great story in today’s paper about the local impact of hop shotage that has been widely reported in the national media.

Conclusion: Yes there is a storage of the aroma hops used by craft breweries, not so much for the alpha hops common in lagars made by macrobreweries.


Crowdfunding campaigns are becoming a more common way to fund new inventions and business ventures, but it’s safe to say that one new product has clearly resonated with consumers even before its release.

The Coolest cooler, a cooler that features a battery-powered blender, charging port, bluetooth speaker and other features, has garnered a whopping $6.6 million in pledges. That’s about 132 times more than ther $50,000 goal from inventor Ryan Grepper of Portland, Ore.

And he still has 39 more days to raise additional funds.

Worth a read is Inc. Magazine’s Jill Krasny story on some of the perils Grepper might face with such an overwhelming response.