YAKIMA, Wash. — Another Supreme Court session went by this morning without an opinion on Noel Canning vs. NLRB, a case that will dertermine the scope of presidential recess appointment power.

Noel Canning is now one of three cases that was argued in the month of January that has not yet received an opinion. Overall, there are 14 more cases still pending an opinion.

Worth noting is SCOTUSBlog’s Amy Howe response to a question on why the court may be delaying on an opinion on the Noel Canning case, which started out as a labor dispute between the Yakima-based soda manufacturer and the local Teamsters union.

“It could be one of those cases in which the Court has a fair amount of common ground but there are multiple opinions,” she wrote during SCOTUSBlog’s live chat this morning.

Indeed, as I noted on my blog Friday, even the simple matter of deciding on narrow or broad interpretation of the recess appointments clause can still produce a wide variety of opinions.

The Supreme Court is expected to issue more opinions on Thursday. I’ll be live tweeting, as will many Supreme Court reporters and watchers, with the #SCOTUS hashtag.