YAKIMA, Wash. — In the last few days, I’ve received numberous calls asking me if they’re reached the new Lowe’s store in Yakima.

After I explain that they’ve actually reached a newspaper reporter, I ask them how they got this number.

“My wife did a search and found this number. 7-5-9-8-9-5-1, right?” one caller told me.

When I did a Google search for “phone number for new Yakima Lowe’s store,” three of my stories (including one about when it opened) about the new store comes up before the Lowe’s website.

That’s great news for my colleague Mark Morey, who keeps tracks of our web traffic and search engine rankings, but not so great news if you’re trying to call Lowe’s.

So to save you all from having to do a Google search (and an extra phone call), here’s Lowe’s phone number: 509-576-7750.

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And please don’t ask me to do a price check on paint thinner.

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