YAKIMA — If you want a prime example of someone who can juggle a lot of different things, look at Evie Voelker.

The owner of Yakima-based Evie’s Catering Inc. has fed up to 2,700 people at the Yakima Training Center but can also feed breakfast for a group 20 with ease.

After several years focusing on military catering jobs, Evie’s Catering has shifted its focus in the last year to do everything from dinner delivery to supplying baked goods to local cafes.

I learned about how Voelker built her business over the last 25 years and how serving the military has helped her business while writing this month’s Risk Takers profile.

The profile will be published in the Marketplace section of Monday’s paper.

(You can read more of the Herald-Republic’s Risk Takers stories on the business page at YakimaHerald.com. These are profile pieces where we explore the stories behind local entrepreneurs’ businesses.)

Also on deck for Monday: A Reporter’s Notebook column on some changes I’ve noticed in the local business community. I talk to Douglas MacKinnon about why he traded a tasting room for a wedding venue and to husband-and-wife team Dawn and Brian Ubelaker about their efforts to revamp a West Yakima espresso stand.

Finally, this won’t be in Marketplace, but I’m curious about the changes we’ll see when The Market Place Deli and Espresso reopens on Monday. The downtown deli spot has been closed since the end of January for remodeling.

The eatery had hoped to reopen this week, but remodeling took longer than planned, owner Yvonne Martin said on Facebook.

Lots of interesting things happening in and around Yakima. Notice anything I should be aware of? Tell me in the comments.

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