YAKIMA, Wash. — When Scott LaBree heard about Ryan Clark’s standing up for his employees on Facebook, he wanted as many people to see it as possible.

That prompted LaBree, 25, to post a screenshot on reddit.com, which dubs itself as the “front page of the Internet” and attracts a large number of tech-savvy users.

That screenshot resulted in thousands of shares on various social networks and a slew of new customers for the Union Gap-based alumnium water bottle manufacturer.

The response wasn’t a surprise to LaBree, however.

In an email and during a phone interview, LaBree told me that Clark practices what he preaches.

“It truly is a great company and one that holds values as a top priority,” said LaBree, who worked in the company’s art department for nine months. “It’s rare that the deeper you look into the company the more you find to admire.”

LaBree left the company in May to finish his degree at Central Washington University, but on good terms.

“They were really gracious,” he said

LaBree had heard about the Facebook post from a friend who still worked at the company. The friend also told him about the events with the customer that prompted Clark’s response.

LaBree was briefly banned from Reddit shortly after the post went viral because the site’s moderators thought he was advertising for the company.

That was not the case at all, he said.

“I thought it might strike a chord with people, like me, who (have) worked in customer service before, particularly during the holidays,” he said. “Most employees aren’t backed up by their employers like that and it’s refreshing to be reminded that justice still exists in some places.”

He said he is happy to hear that the company is getting extra sales from his initial post.

“I still feel a lot of debt toward the company just because they were so cool to me,” he said. “So it’s good I can pay them back.”