YAKIMA, Wash. — Some of you were curious about what would become of the venue that once was the tasting room for Naches Heights Vineyard.

The winery recently announced it would be relocating to its former home down the road at Wilridge Vineyard.

In a comment on my blog, a representative from the venue (it’s not clear whether it was written by property owner Douglas MacKinnon) revealed a name change and some preliminary plans:

“The venue formerly known as the NHV tasting room will remain open as Aecetia Vineyard at Naches Heights. Just as it has during the past 18 months, the venue will be available for weddings and special events. The parting of ways mentioned above is a welcome change. It offers more time to focus on weddings and special events, opportunities to expose people to great wines and beers and to do things a bit differently.”

An announcement was also posted on the venue’s Facebook page earlier in the month, though details were sparse.

“You’ll still be able to visit the same place you’ve grown to love,” the post said. “In the future though, you’ll be able to try a variety of wines, beers and other fun things there.”

I’ve emailed MacKinnon requesting further comment.