YAKIMA, Wash. — As the city of Yakima’s planning department continues to look over a land-use application for a proposed McDonald’s in downtown Yakima, here’s a few suggestions for designs, via a photo gallery posted on msnNOW.com.

The gallery includes 18 distinct-looking McDonald’s around the world. In Balumi, Georgia (the country, not the state), the McDonald’s is housed in asymmetrical glass building that kind of looks like a museum.

And for those of you averse to another drive-thru in downtown Yakima, a McDonald’s in Hollywood built its drive-thru underground.

But my favorite is a McDonald’s in Yangshuo, China, where the restaurant is integrated nicely with the area’s mountains and temples.

This is somewhat wishful thinking, as it has been made clear that the city of Yakima currently doesn’t have the land-use standards to enforce such elaborate designs and site plans (though the city council is trying to do so).

Still, it doesn’t hurt to put some ideas out there. Got other design ideas for the proposed McDonald’s? Share it in the comments.