To the editor — Horrible, senseless murders at an elementary school. The dearest of God’s creations violated. Words cannot express.

Unscrupulous political elites use this tragedy to disarm Americans under the guise of public safety. The media plays the useful pawn to sway public opinion toward more government power and less individual liberty.

Man’s subjugation and murder of his fellow man is well-documented. Historically, evil men used oppressive government to inflict large-scale oppression and tyranny on innocent people. Millions of disarmed men, women and children were herded and murdered throughout the ages by tyrants. Were these people any less real? Too many of our citizens ignore history and hope “it won’t happen to us.” Hope is not a plan.

If those murdered by tyrants could speak, what would they counsel us? Lay down and submit? Or maintain the means to fight tyranny should it ever rear its ugly head among us.

Our Second Amendment is our right to the means to resist tyrants so that we have at least a chance to be free. The Second Amendment was never about hunting.

The millions of civilians murdered by tyrannical government all had this in common: They were disarmed.