YAKIMA, Wash. — A 35-year-old man found out the hard way that misplacing your wallet while committing a burglary is good for the police but bad for you.

Jarrod Jay Torres of Toppenish was sentenced Monday in Yakima County Superior Court to nearly 2½ years in prison and 2½ years in drug treatment for breaking into a storage facility in Zillah.

Last September, sheriff’s deputies found Torres’ wallet on the ground by a hole in a 6-foot barbed wire fence at Muffett Storage.

Deputies watched security footage that captured the break-in, which showed a man cutting a hole in the fence and then cutting a lock off a storage unit before hurrying away when an alarm began sounding.

According to court records, deputies determined the owner of the wallet and the intruder in the video were one and the same.

In addition to his conviction for second-degree burglary, Torres also pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a different incident days after the storage burglary.

On Oct. 2, he fled from police after he was spotted in a stolen car — going 100 mph and running stop signs — on State Route 22.

The chase ended when the vehicle broke down and he tried, unsuccessfully, to run across an open field.

Officers said Torres dropped a number of items as he fled across the field, including a stolen credit card, a stolen Michael Jordan basketball card and a rubber glove.

Despite his lengthy record, Torres qualified by state law for a DOSA, or drug offender sentencing alternative.

Under the terms of his DOSA, he was sentenced to the midpoint of the range of 51-68 months, which was then split to 29.75 months in prison and 29.75 months in drug treatment.