I’m very rarely disappointed when ordering at Gasperetti’s, and yet I fall into the “favorite” rut there, too, just as I do at most restaurants I frequent in Yakima.

The problem with favorites: they’re just so good.

The item I’m currently fixated on is Gasperetti’s “BLT-A” ($11, with side salad). For those of you not in the know, that stands for bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado sandwich.

I’m no different than most people when it comes to pork products, so the sandwich had me at “bacon.” It’s the best kind of bacon, too: thick and crispy, and piled on the sandwich in egregious layers. But the bacon, and maybe the thick slice of tomato, is about the only thing that’s typical about this sandy.

First, the bread is thick, fluffy rosemary focaccia. The two pieces are like little savory herb pillows and make the sandwich almost comically tall, yet still edible. The lettuce is romaine, a more substantial green that gives the sandwich a fresh crunch. But the kicker is, by far, a slathering of Gasperetti’s sauce verde.

Now I’ve been eating this sauce for quite some time. But I’ve never inquired as to what’s in it. It’s creamy, herby and delicious — no need to make it more complicated by asking questions. But for this column, I needed a peek behind the curtain. I needed to know what makes the magic. And I got shut down it the politest way possible.

It’s not surprising that they want to keep it to themselves, and I didn’t pry, since maybe there’s something to not knowing. And really, I don’t blame them — Gasperetti’s sauce verde takes a good BLT and catapults it all the way to amazing.

PS: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my husband’s favorite lunch entree at Gasperetti’s, since he is my most frequent lunch companion. His love for the Tuna Salad sandwich ($8 for a half, $11 for a whole) could rival my love for the BLT-A. And what do they have in common? Sauce verde.